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Crema de Alba

Crema de Alba / Crema de brandy de Jerez
Definition : A creamy, very sweet alcoholic beverage made from the Brandy Gran Duque de Alba Gran Reserva and dairy products with a high cream content. Certified by the Regulator Council of Brandy de Jerez .

Alcohol content : 17 % Alc./vol.

Type of product : Cream of Brandy de Jerez

Sugar content : 285 gr/l.

Tasting notes : White with golden hues. Creamy and sweet, the low alcohol content and balanced blend of suggestive aromas and flavours make this drink a treat for your palate and nose alike.

Suggestions for consumption : Serve on ice or very cold. A fine choice after dinner or even lunch, and a pleasure as a long drink in the afternoon or evening.