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Vermouth Pando

Definition : Vermouth Pando is an aromatised drink base on Fino Pando, a Jerez-Xérès-Sherry D.O. wine. It is aromatised with the finest selection of herbal notes, giving rise to this exclusive Vermouth.

Type of grape : Palomino

Vineyards : Jerez Superior. Pago Balbaína

Alcohol content : 15% Alc./vol.

Type of product : Vermouth

Type of grape : Vermouth

Sugar content : Very dry, less than 100g /l.

Tasting notes : Of a golden yellow, its aroma is delicate, elegant and very well balanced, with our Fino Pando present, along with the aromas extracted from maceration with fruits and plants, yielding a very elegant and harmonious vermouth. Very pleasant on the palate, fresh, acidic, sweet and slightly bitter.

Suggestions for consumption : Enjoy cold, with or without ice, mixed with fruit juices, as the main ingredient in numerous cocktail recipes, etc. Excellent as an aperitif.