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Salcis Reserva

Definition : 100% Tempranillo, aged for 15 months in oak barrels and then refined in the bottle.

Alcohol content : 14,7 %

Production, Maturing and Ageing : It is made from old vineyards that on average are over 60 years old, the yields per plant are very low but of great quality. production per plant is very low but of great quality. The plots that are to form part of this wine are carefully analysed and tasted. carefully analysed and tasted, and the grapes are harvested at their best moment by hand harvested at their best moment by hand in 15 kg boxes. All the grapes grapes go through a sorting table to remove any leaves or clusters that are not ripe and are destemmed. and the grapes are destemmed without crushing. Grapes are moved and racked by gravity, without pumping. The wine is never agitated and flows under its own weight throughout the entire wine making process. flow under its own weight throughout the winemaking process. Ageing takes place in 225 litre barrels for at least 18 months in 80% French oak and 20% American oak. French oak and 20% American, most of them new. Racking is carried out every 4 months to oxygenate and clean the wine. In order to respect the purity of the vineyards as much as possible, this wine has not been filtered or aggressively treated. treated in an aggressive way, so with the passage of time, slight sediments may appear as a result of the sediments may appear over time as a result of a completely natural evolution. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Type of grape : Intense ruby colour.

Acidity : 5.2 gr/l

Production : 2019 a été une année particulièrement sèche. Avec le printemps, le cycle a commencé avec normalité, fin avril nous avions déjà les premières pousses, et bien que les pluies soient arrivées, elles n'étaient pas très important. Une fois l'été entré, nous avons eu des températures élevées qui ont fait le cycle accélérer, constatant déjà dès la véraison une avance d'une semaine par rapport aux autres années. Enfin, les pluies souhaitées sont arrivées début septembre, ce qui a favorisé la plante pour réaliser une fin de maturité sans stress et de manière confortable. Une cuvée aux faibles rendements et aux petites baies, à fort potentiel, ce qui nous a donné des vins fins, équilibrés et longs. Les vendanges ont commencé le 28 Septembre à Manzanillo, se terminant le 11 octobre à Baños de Valdearados.

Tasting notes : A complex, exquisite aroma of balsamic blackberries and mineral hints.

Suggestions for consumption : Intense, with vanilla, liquorice and red berries lingering on the palate. Perfectly balanced with sweet and gentle tannins, this wine is elegant with a long delicious finish. Pairing Suggestion: Ideal with grilled red meat, game, tuna and mature cheese. Recommended Serving Temperature: 18ºC