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Salcis Crianza

Definition : 100% Tempranillo, aged for 15 months in oak barrels and then refined in the bottle.

Type of grape : Intense ruby colour.

Vineyards : Selection of Tempranillo plots between 25 and 40 years old, located on different soils, each one of them will contribute different nuances to the final wine. Yields never exceed 4500 kg/ha, we Thus we ensure maturity and exceptional balance.

Alcohol content : 14,45 % Alc./Vol.

Production, Maturing and Ageing : The plots are harvested manually at their optimal moment of maturity, after a strict analytical control and tasting in the field, in that moment the grape expresses its best qualities. The grape is selected the entrance to the winery, leaving only the bunches that show good health and excellent maturity. After destemming, the elaboration is carried out by gravity without the use of aggressive pumping that mistreats the grape. The Fermentation occurs at a low temperature to enhance freshness and extract the silkiest tannin. The total maceration is around 20 days.

Type of grape : Tempranillo

Flavouring : 12 months in 225-litre barrels, 70% French and 30% American, with transfers every 3 months.

Acidity : 5.4 gr/l

Production : 2019 was a particularly dry year. With spring the cycle started with normality, at the end of April we already had the first shoots, and although the rains arrived, they were not very important. Once summer entered we had high temperatures that made the cycle speed up, noting already from the veraison an advance of one week with respect to other years. Finally, the desired rains arrived at the beginning of September, which favored the plant to carry out an end of maturity without stress and in a comfortable way. A vintage with low yields and small berries, with high potential, which has given us fine, balanced and long wines. The harvest began on the 28th of September in Manzanillo, ending on October 11 in Baños de Valdearados.

Tasting notes : A complex, exquisite aroma of balsamic blackberries and mineral hints.

Suggestions for consumption : Intense, with vanilla, liquorice and red berries lingering on the palate. Perfectly balanced with sweet and gentle tannins, this wine is elegant with a long delicious finish. Pairing Suggestion: Ideal with grilled red meat, game, tuna and mature cheese. Recommended Serving Temperature: 18ºC.