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Definition : Jerez-Xerez-Sherry.

Type of grape : Palomino.

Vineyards : Pago de Burujena, in Trebujena.

Alcohol content : 15 % Alc. /Vol.

Type of grape : Fino Vintage 2015 organic, june 2023 winebag

Sugar content : Dry.

Acidity : 3,3/4 g/L Tartaric acid

Production : Unlike traditional Jerez wines, aged through the “Solera y Criaderas” system, these vintage wines are aged statically. For its production, musts that come from old vines of the Pagos de Añina and/or Carrascal are selected, which are fortified at 15º for biological aging, or at 18º for oxidative aging. These wines are monitored during their aging, in which no intervention is carried out until the moment of selection for bottling. Faced with the homogeneity provided by the Criaderas and Soleras System, in which wines of different ages are methodically blended, each of these wines are unique and special. Wines that are the reflection of the vintage of the year and its particular weather conditions, as well as the peculiar evolution of each one of them during their static aging.

Tasting notes : Pale yellow colour, fresh, sharp aromas, dry on the palate, very mineral, elegant and with a very well-balanced structure.