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Definition : Vino blanco Palomino Sobremaduro Añada 2016

Type of grape : Palomino

Vineyards : Pago de Carrascal, en Jerez, concretamente Viña Dos Mercedes.

Alcohol content : 14,68 % vol.

Type of product : Still wine , Biologically aged

Production, Maturing and Ageing : : We have selected palomino grapes from Pago Carrascal, the peculiarity has been to obtain the graduation in a natural way by overripening the vine and sunning, the grapes have been destemmed and pressed in a vertical press, the must obtained has had a yield around 50% and has been fermented in casks, obtaining after fermentation 15º approx. naturally, fortification not being necessary. Once the fermentation was finished, the wine was slipped and once it had been removed, the 600L casks were filled up to 80% of their capacity to promote the formation of the veil, they are left untouched to study where they evolve, spontaneously developing biological aging or oxidative aging, unlike traditional wines, the aging system is not “Soleras y Criaderas”, it is an exception since it is a static aging wine.

Type of grape : Still Wine with Biological Aging, made with overripe Palomino grapes.

Flavouring : Static for 4 years in 600L American oak barrels. June 2021 winebag

Sugar content : Dry

Acidity : 3.6/4.5 g/L Tartaric acid

Tasting notes : Pale golden wine, sharp aromas, spicy floral notes. Its concentration, structure, freshness and elegance stand out. On the palate it is dry, very fresh, glyceric and mineral.