Type of grape : Palomino

Vineyards : Pago de Carrascal.

Alcohol content : 15,5 % abv

Production, Maturing and Ageing : Unlike traditional sherries, aged by means of the “Solera y Criaderas” system, these vintage wines are aged statically. For production purposes grape must originating from the old vines of the Añina and/or Carrascal vineyard zones, or Pagos, is first selected and then fortified either to 15º for biological ageing or to 18º for oxidative ageing. These wines are then closely studied throughout their ageing process, during which time they are left untouched until the moment they are selected for bottling. In contrast to the homogeneity provided by the Criaderas y Solera system, during which wine of different ages are methodically blended, each of these wines is unique and special. They are wines that offer a true reflection of the year’s harvest and its particular climatic conditions, as well as the individual evolution of each during its specific static ageing process.

Type of grape : Fino Vintage 2017. Biological Ageing

Flavouring : A sherry aged statically for 5 years in 600 litre American oak casks June 2023 winebag

Sugar content : Seco, <2g/L

Acidity : 3.3/ 4.1 g/L Tartaric Acid

Production Fino Añada 2017 : The Pago Vintage Project commenced in 2017. After the careful selection of grapes from the Pago de Carrascal vineyard zone, the first must obtained was fermented at controlled temperatures. Once the lees were filtered off the must was then fortified to 15.5% abv and a period of biological ageing in old casks began, a layer of yeast, the flor, occurring naturally upon the surface. From the total of 17 casks a special extraction was made from casks number 14 and 17, chosen for their exceptional delicacy, structure, volume and minerality characteristic of Pago de Carrascal.

Tasting notes : A golden colour, great aromatic complexity, marked aromas of biological ageing. Notes of milky almonds, very viscous, with volume. Delicate, rounded and silky

* Contains Sulphites