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Duernas Oleum Arbequina Oil

Definition : We have been producing oil at Finca Duernas for 200 years. The harvest is early and the pressing is short and carefully done. With the press at the heart of the estate we can provide a unique olive juice, full of aromas and nutrients. ORGANIC oil.

Tasting notes : Duernas Oleum Arbequina ecológico is characterised by its fruity aroma, with notes of tomato and banana. Despite its sweet entry in the mouth, it has a surprising long spicy aftertaste due to the high content in natural anti-oxidants. The sweetness of this variety makes it ideal for use in baking Its tomato plant notes lend a special touch to dishes with tomato as the main ingredient like gazpacho and salmorejo. Used raw it is the perfect complement for salads, toast and mild marinades.