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Dos Cortados Solera Especial 20 Años

Palo cortado de Jerez producido por bodegas Williams Humbert, uno de los mejores vinos de Jerez
Definition : In EEC terms, Quality Liquor Wine Produced in a Specific Region, (VLCPRD, CE Nº 479/2008 Del Consejo de 29 de Abril de 2008); in Spain, fortified wine with the Quality Demarcation Jerez – Xérès – Sherry and indication of age: VOS (Very Old Sherry), 20 years old. A fortified wine, this rare and peculiar Palo Cortado is halfway between an amontillado and an oloroso.

Type of grape : Palomino

Vineyards : Jerez Superior, Pago Balbaína

Alcohol content : 21,5% Alc. /Vol.

Type of grape : Palo Cortado Sherry

Sugar content : Dry, less than 6 gr./l, obtained from the concentration of residues through evaporation

Tasting notes : Bright hues of very old gold and amber. Pungent, intense and complex on the nose, with a subtle note of filberts and dried fruits. Dry, with excellent acidity; a long, full-bodied and elegant palate. An incredibly expressive and unforgettable finish. Sherry with an amontillado nose and an oloroso palate.

Suggestions for consumption : Excellent as an aperitif for those long evenings or in short drinks.

* Contains Sulphites