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Definition : Jerez-Xerez-Sherry.

Type of grape : Palomino.

Vineyards : Pago de Burujena, in Trebujena.

Alcohol content : 15 % Alc. /Vol.

Type of grape : Fino Vintage 2015 organic, biologically aged, classified as Fino in 2017

Sugar content : Dry.

Acidity : 3,2/4.2 g/L Tartaric acid

Production : This vintage wine project is based on harvesting the organic grapes on an individual vineyard, which in this case is the Pago de Burujena. The must obtained and fermented is fortified to 15.5º and it is left untouched to study to where does the biological aging or the oxidative aging processes evolve and develop spontaneously. Unlike the traditional sherries, the “Solera aging system” is not used, the process involved here is an exception seeing as this wine is matured statically, that is to say that in the wine of a certain vintage, the must from the first pressing is selected, alcoholised and with time and spontaneously, due to the presence of indigenous yeast cells in the atmosphere, the flor velum develops naturally and when it doesn’t, the oxidative aging process begins. In the vintage of 2015 it was fermented to 22ºC and it was fortified to 15.5 with organic alcohol, over time and spontaneously, due to the presence of yeast cells in the atmosphere, the flor yeast velum developed naturally.

Tasting notes : Pale yellow colour, fresh, sharp aromas, dry on the palate, very mineral, elegant and with a very well-balanced structure.