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Organic Fino Sherry “en rama” vintage 2015

A Fino sherry produced from ecological grapes of the Palomino variety grown in the Burujena vineyard district and fortified using ecological alcohol. It is also a Vintage Sherry produced from the 2015 harvest and bottled “en rama” after light filtering. This new Fino is part of the Williams & Humbert Vintage Collection, wines which have been produced statically by the bodega’s oenologist Paola Medina, recently featured in Decanter magazine for her work concerning biologically aged vintage sherry.


Unlike traditional sherries, the ageing system used for this Fino is not that of “Solera and Criaderas” as this is a statically aged sherry. As opposed to the characteristic homogeneity resulting from the system of Solera and Criaderas, in which wines of different age are methodically mixed, each vintage wine is different, unique and special, a reflection of the harvest of that year and its particular climatic conditions.

For this vintage Organic Fino, Williams & Humbert selected ecological Palomino grapes from the 2015 harvest collected from the Burujena vineyard district in Trebujena. After fermentation at 22ºC these musts were then fortified to 15.5 using ecological alcohol. In time, a natural layer of yeast developed spontaneously on the surface of the wine due to the presence of particles of yeast in the atmosphere. This Vintage 2015 Ecological Fino is the result of 3 years of static ageing in 600 litre American Oak casks.


Organic Fino sherry en rama vintage 2015 (15% vol.), classified as Fino in 2017, belongs to an extraction taken in March 2018 and is of limited production.

It is pale yellow in colour with fresh, sharp aromas, dry in the mouth, very mineral, elegant and with a well-balanced structure.


Paola Medina, Williams & Humbert´s winemaker has been selected by Decanter Magazine as one of the 10 most outstanding oenologists in the Spanish wine scene.

For Decanter, “the Medina´s most amazing innovation so far is the idea of vintage Fino Sherry: to replace the traditional solera system (in which newer vintages are blended into mature wines to keep a consistent expression over time) with a single vintage system. The wines are bottled when the flor (a layer of yeast floating over the wine that protects it against oxidation and changes the character of the wine) is close to exhaustion. The flor is as much a terroir as the vineyard, being an eco-system in itself that sometimes results in excellence”

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