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La viticultura de precisión, a través de la implantación de la Inteligencia Artificial y el Big Data, son señas de identidad de nuestras Bodegas.

Weather stations installed at the vineyard provide Williams & Humbert with climatological data concerning our vineyard zones which is then added to the data from other stations located throughout the province of Cádiz. Moreover, Williams & Humbert use drones to study soil, the plant and vineyard yield. The accumulation of all this data facilitates the study of the evolution of the vineyard with the aim of improving future campaigns.

Enrique Montero, director técnico de Viñas de Williams & Humbert

This precision winegrowing, with soil analysis, climatic control of the environment and the monitoring of crops using drones, facilitates the development of sustainable viticulture and the obtaining of excellent quality grapes.

In addition, Williams & Humbert has been a pioneer winery in the use of ecological techniques for treatment of the vineyard and have used pheromones to control pests on our vineyards for the past twenty-five years. These are integrated production vineyards where conventional pesticides have been substituted for those of biological action together with the incorporation of ecological consumables.

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