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Quality and environmental control

Hoy Williams-Humbert

The established policy at BODEGAS WILLIAMS & HUMBERT S.A. is to work within a quality and environmental control system that is regularly documented and verified to ensure its suitability and efficiency. The objective of this policy is to occupy a permanently significant position in the sector of wine, brandy and liqueur production in accordance with the Regulations of the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Brandy de Jerez Quality Demarcations, as well as preserving the environment and maintaining maximum customer satisfaction.

Hoy Williams-Humbert

The Quality and Environment System of BODEGAS WILLIAMS & HUMBERT S.A. is defined in the Quality Control Manual (QCM) and in the procedures and instructions that are outlined in it. This provides written documentation that gives aid and reference to staff and guarantees uniform production of the products in all essential aspects, in addition to complying with all applicable regulations. Furthermore, it ensures respect for the environment, systematic production, the absence of errors and the complete fulfilment of customers’ requirements.

The Quality and Environment System of BODEGAS WILLIAMS & HUMBERT is structured to fulfil all requirements applicable to a company dedicated to the production of wines, brandies and liqueurs in compliance with the following regulations: BRC (BRITISH RETAIL CONSORTIUM), “Technical Normalization for companies producing Retail Brand Food Products”, UNE-EN-ISO 9001 “Model to guarantee quality in production, installation and post-sales service”, IFS International Food Standard and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. This manual is obligatory for all staff at BODEGAS WILLIAMS & HUMBERT; likewise, the procedures and instructions found in it are obligatory in all applicable activities. The staff are required to be familiar with these procedures and comply with them.

The Management at BODEGAS WILLIAMS & HUMBERT S.A. are committed to furthering the welfare of society through a variety of activities: as a company helping to promote social welfare, by fomenting research through collaboration with the University of Cádiz, through their cooperation with Professional Training Schools by accepting apprentice workers, in the sponsorship of sports events and by providing training and resources to help their staff perform their jobs.

Everybody within the firm is responsible for quality and respect for the environment within their individual posts; when they delegate their functions to another staff member at a lower level this responsibility is maintained.

All technical installations for the fermentation, mixing, cold decanting and bottling of all our wines, vinegars and brandies are located on the road that joins Jerez and El Puerto de Santa María.

From harvest to their shipment, the diverse phases of development of the wines and spirits are controlled daily at the oenological investigation centre.

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