Paola Medina, one of the 10 most outstanding winemaker in the Spanish wine scene according to Decanter Magazine.

  • According to this prestigious magazine Paola Medina, who appears as the only representative of the Jerez region, symbolises the “Sherry revolution, pooling energetic youthfulness, deep respect for sherry heritage and amazing know-how and creativity”
  • Of the 10 wines selected by the publication to represent each oenologist, Fino Tiento Añada 2007 achieved the highest score

Ten next-generation Spanish winemakers to know. With this title the prestigious magazine Decanter highlights 10 trail-blazing winemakers who are changing the face of Spanish wine

Of the ten featured oenologists, Paola Medina of Williams & Humbert appears as the only representative of the Jerez region and “symbolises the so-called Sherry Revolution” and they recommend to “follow Medina closely to enjoy sherry as you have never imagined”

This is how Decanter describes the ground-breaking and innovative work carried out by the Williams & Humbert oenologist:

“She is aware of the needs for the region…and is well positioned to see the way ahead”. …Medina believes those objectives can be achieved only with the finest, and newest, Sherries, and she has explored many avenues to create these wines of the future. For instance, non-fortified sherry, made with overripe or sun-died grapes from carefully cultivated vineyards. Or Oloroso made from the finest must. Or the recovery of Pedro Ximénez and other native varieties. But Medina´s most amazing innovation so far is the idea of vintage Fino Sherry: to replace the traditional solera system (in which newer vintages are blended into mature wines to keep a consistent expression over time) with a single vintage system. The wines are bottled when the flor (a layer of yeast floating over the wine that protects it against oxidation and changes the character of the wine) is close to exhaustion. The flor is as much a terroir as the vineyard, being an eco-system in itself that sometimes results in excellence”

Of the ten wines selected by Decanter to represent the work of each of these ten oenologists Fino “Tiento” vintage 2007 is the one which achieved the highest score: 98 points.

“A wine full of glorious aromas, with one of the most impressive and complex expressions of the Sherry Flor. Creamy, suave, deep, charming and eternal. An unforgettable experience”. Decanter

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