Definition: TO CREATE A VODKA LIKE ABYSSAL, OF SUPERIOR QUALITY AND EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOUR the most advanced distillation techniques have been combined with the use of time-honoured traditional processes.

  • Alcohol content: 40%Vol.

Production: The raw material from which ABYSSAL is produced is an oloroso sherry which has undergone a triple distillation to 74º in order to obtain the greatest possible purity. The same stills are used as for the production of the well-known and internationally award-winning ‘Gran Duque de Alba’ solera “gran reserva” brandy. The number of distillations and the method chosen achieve the perfect balance between its origin, an oloroso sherry which is recognisable thanks to light but present notes, and the neutrality required of a vodka of its extraordinary quality. ABYSSAL is pure, as required by the nature of what it is: a vodka. But despite that purity it has a distinctive flavour: rich, full-bodied and complex, but smooth and fine with certain spicy notes. With an exceptionally fresh and vibrant taste.

Tasting notes: ABYSSAL is a crystalline, clean, smooth vodka, very elegant on the nose, with the right complexity and balance to give a slight reminder of its raw material, an oloroso sherry, and in which the alcohol is very well integrated. It is smooth, full bodied and very balanced on the palate with certain special notes of pepper and a persistence and finesse reminiscent of limestone and minerality.

Website: http://abyssalvodka.es/

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