Vermouth Canasta changes its image with a new label at a time when one of our most typical beverages returns in force thanks to a new generation of followers.

Launched in 2008 this vermouth of Williams & Humbert is characterised by its unique production process, as its base is the sweet oloroso “Canasta”, a sherry of reference in its category, which is mixed with the elegant aromas of flowers, fruit, roots, wood and bark.

The unique features of this exceptional vermouth have been mentioned in a series of prestigious magazines published over the past two years at the hand of outstanding experts and as a result of the renaissance of this very genuine beverage: “In the late 19th century vermouth was being produced in Jerez, but currently this facet of the Jerez wineries seems to have almost disappeared. One exception: the Canasta vermouth launched by bodegas Williams & Humbert in 2008”. Indeed, over eight years ago W&H decided to recuperate the tradition, as François Monti points out in his “Gran Libro del Vermut,” thus rescuing one of the most typical of our gastronomic traditions with this Canasta vermouth. “A curious product, half-way between a sherry and a vermouth” is how this Belgian international journalist and writer, specialist in spirits and cocktails, describes it.

The prestigious and recent “Guía del Vermut” edited by Planeta and put together by the wine-making sector consultant and Ambassador of the International Wine Challenge, Esther Bachs, highlights the character and stamp of the sherry present in the Canasta vermouth. Esther Bachs, who states in her guide that to speak of Bodegas Williams & Humbert “is to speak of sherry in capital letters and in a big way” defines Canasta as a vermouth “powerful and generous, well-balanced between maturity and depth, perfect”.

Bright amber in colour, the Canasta vermouth possesses aromas extracted from the maceration of wine with fruits and plants. A unique beverage given its particular and painstaking production process that results in a vermouth with hints of sweetness and a touch of bitterness. Perfect to drink on its own or with ice, mixed with fruit juice or as an ingredient for cocktails; vermouth widens its moments of consumption. More than just a drink, vermouth is a rite, ideal as an aperitif or to accompany tapas – outstanding when paired with pickles – as an after-dinner drink or served in different combinations and cocktails, ideal at any time of the day.

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