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Don Guido, a 20 year-old Pedro Ximénez (VOS) from the Jerez-based winery Williams & Humbert has been named Wine of the Year at the International Wine & Spirits Competition “Sommelier Challenge 2019”. This award is the result of a blind tasting by 15 prestigious American sommeliers, three of them “Master Sommelier”, after assessing over 1,000 different wine references from different parts of the world.
This sweet sherry is obtained from Pedro Ximénez grapes grown in Pago de Balbaína, a Jerez Superior vineyard zone. The grapes are dried under the sun for 15 days in the open almijares area of the vineyard. Musts are obtained at high pressure from the raison-like grapes produced from this process, using special presses, and fortified to 9º. After decanting and racking off once the first cooling is complete, they are fortified to 18º and moved to the Criaderas and Solera system to begin a physical-chemical aging process by oxidation during at least 20 years.
Don Guido is a sherry which is a dark ebony in colour, very dense and slightly syrupy, with aromas of raisins and fig characteristic of Pedro Ximénez grapes and a wide range of balsamic notes. On the palate it is slightly acidic, very sweet and persistent, leaving an exquisite sweetness in the mouth and a long-lasting bouquet. It is an ideal wine to be consumed with desserts and cheese.

Don Guido PX has an important role to play in the production of Dos Maderas rum from Bodegas Williams & Humbert. This blend of 5 year-old rums from Guyana and Barbados is aged for 3 years in American oak casks previously used to age 20 year-old Dos Cortados. In the third phase of production it is aged for a further 2 years in casks previously used to age Don Guido, our 20 year-old Pedro Ximénez, and the final product is Ron Dos Maderas 5+5 PX.
The name of this emblematic sherry from the Williams & Humbert winery in Jerez pays homage to Guido Williams, son of the founder of the winery, Alexander Williams and his wife Amy Humbert. This Pedro Ximénez therefore honours somebody who was of great relevance in the Jerez region. Guy Williams (known as Guido) was born in Jerez in 1889 and always held on to deep-rooted British traditions. He was educated in England, but in 1911 his father asked him to return to Spain and join the family business together with his brothers, Arthur and Charles. Guido Williams fought in the First World War with the rank of Captain and suffered wounds that left him with permanent lung damage. For his bravery at the front he was awarded the Military Cross of the Order of the British Empire. After the war he worked for the British Embassy and later joined the family business, occupying at the same time the position of Vice Consul until his death in 1959.

Williams & Humbert sherries achieve top points in the Robert Parker Guide

Williams & Humbert sherries have obtained the classification of Excellent (over 90 points) in the tastings carried out by Luis Gutierrez, representative in Spain of the prestigious Wine Advocate magazine, leading publication within the trade and captained by the famous wine expert, Robert Parker

Palo Cortado en rama Añada 2002 and Fino en rama Añada 2010 have obtained the highest scores, with 95 points each. Williams & Humbert possesses one of the oldest collections of vintages of recognised quality in the Jerez region, dating back to 1920. In fact, other vintage sherries have achieved top points in the Robert Parker Guide: Oloroso en rama Añada 2001 and Fino en rama 2010, 94 points each one; Organic Vintage Fino en rama 2015, 93 points and Amontillado en rama 2001, 92 points.

Besides these vintage sherries, elaborated in a static way, other sherries aged through the Criaderas and Solera system has been included in the Robert Parker Guide: palo cortado “Dos Cortados”20 years old and amontillado “Jalifa” 30 years old with 93 points and the cream Canasta 20 years old with 92 points.


Organic Fino Sherry “en rama” vintage 2015

A Fino sherry produced from ecological grapes of the Palomino variety grown in the Burujena vineyard district and fortified using ecological alcohol. It is also a Vintage Sherry produced from the 2015 harvest and bottled “en rama” after light filtering. This new Fino is part of the Williams & Humbert Vintage Collection, wines which have been produced statically by the bodega’s oenologist Paola Medina, recently featured in Decanter magazine for her work concerning biologically aged vintage sherry.


Unlike traditional sherries, the ageing system used for this Fino is not that of “Solera and Criaderas” as this is a statically aged sherry. As opposed to the characteristic homogeneity resulting from the system of Solera and Criaderas, in which wines of different age are methodically mixed, each vintage wine is different, unique and special, a reflection of the harvest of that year and its particular climatic conditions.

For this vintage Organic Fino, Williams & Humbert selected ecological Palomino grapes from the 2015 harvest collected from the Burujena vineyard district in Trebujena. After fermentation at 22ºC these musts were then fortified to 15.5 using ecological alcohol. In time, a natural layer of yeast developed spontaneously on the surface of the wine due to the presence of particles of yeast in the atmosphere. This Vintage 2015 Ecological Fino is the result of 3 years of static ageing in 600 litre American Oak casks.


Organic Fino sherry en rama vintage 2015 (15% vol.), classified as Fino in 2017, belongs to an extraction taken in March 2018 and is of limited production.

It is pale yellow in colour with fresh, sharp aromas, dry in the mouth, very mineral, elegant and with a well-balanced structure.


Paola Medina, Williams & Humbert´s winemaker has been selected by Decanter Magazine as one of the 10 most outstanding oenologists in the Spanish wine scene.

For Decanter, “the Medina´s most amazing innovation so far is the idea of vintage Fino Sherry: to replace the traditional solera system (in which newer vintages are blended into mature wines to keep a consistent expression over time) with a single vintage system. The wines are bottled when the flor (a layer of yeast floating over the wine that protects it against oxidation and changes the character of the wine) is close to exhaustion. The flor is as much a terroir as the vineyard, being an eco-system in itself that sometimes results in excellence”


Brandy Gran Duque de Alba produced by Bodegas Williams & Humbert has been included in the “Top Ten Trending Brands” after a survey organised by the prestigeous Drinks International magazine of the best bars in the world. The results are the culmination of a questionnaire of 106 bars from all around the world, each cherry-picked to take part based on their performance in global bar awards.

The managers of these establishments have voted and rated brands of beverage according to two categories: those that sell the most, and those that are the most fashionable and gaining more and more protagonism in their establishments: the Top 10 Best Sellers Brands and the Top 10 Trending Brands.

It is the second category where the most select establishments in the world have included Brandy Gran Duque de Alba.

Brandy Gran Duque de Alba is a wine spirit. Its raw material is the result of the distillation of good, balanced wines and the same aging process as that of sherry, the dynamic system known as “criaderas and soleras”. Wood has a fundamental role to play in the aging process of Brandy Gran Duque de Alba. Not only because of the American oak casks, whose porosity is the most suitable, but above all due to the fact that they have previously contained some of the extraordinary sherries of Bodegas Williams & Humbert.

The brandy will take on unique characteristics and nuances depending on the type of wine previously aged in the cask: a very old 15-year oloroso for GDA, Pedro Ximénez ‘Don Guido’ 20 years for GDA XO and Palo Cortado ‘Dos Cortados’ 20 years for GDA Oro. The aging period also plays an important role in the production of Brandy Gran Duque de Alba: 10 years for GDA, 15 for GDA XO and 20 for GDA Oro. Brandies that combine a complexity of flavours and aromas that only time has been able to assemble in such a harmonious way.

Ron Dos Maderas Luxus collaborates with the Billion Baby Turtles campaign

More than 3,000 baby turtles in danger of extinction will be freed thanks to the contribution made by Ron Dos Maderas Luxus to this initiative.

Luxus. This is the name of the top of the Dos Maderas range of rums produced by Williams & Humbert. A rum aged for 10 years in the Caribbean and five in the Jerez winery. Luxus is also the name of the first turtle adopted by the brand in 2014 in collaboration with ICAPO (Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative) with a donation being made for the adoption of Hawksbill turtles in danger of extinction.

Ron Dos Maderas Luxus now renews this collaboration destined to save turtles in danger of extinction. To do so, Dos Maderas rum has decided to support the Billion Baby Turtle campaign, a program by SEE Turtles which has the support of SOS Nicaragua.

Every dollar counts. The donation of just one dollar can contribute to the protection of a baby turtle belonging to a species in danger of extinction. These marine turtles play a fundamental role in the maintenance of the marine ecosystem of the Pacific coastal region, including coral reefs and seagrass meadows. The survival of the different species of turtle in these waters is in danger due to the poaching of their eggs, which are sold illegally on the black market, or the illegal use of their shells to make diverse objects. By participating in this campaign important nesting beaches are protected, ensuring that baby turtles are able to cross the sand and reach the sea thanks to beach patrols organized by groups of local residents.

This collaboration with the campaign Billion Baby Turtles (Help us save a billion turtles!) originates from the desire of Bodegas Williams & Humbert to create closer ties between the region from which its range of rums originates and in which these species, which play such an important role in conserving the environment, are in danger of extinction.


Luxus is the top of the Ron Dos Maderas range.  A rum originating in the Caribbean and then transported to Bodegas Williams & Humbert to continue ageing in casks that have previously aged 20-year-old “Dos Cortados” palo cortado sherry and “Don Guido” Pedro Ximenez sherry. The range is made up of Dos Maderas 5+3 (5 years in the Caribbean and 5 years in Jerez); Dos Maderas Selección (blend of rums from selected casks of Dos Maderas 5+5 and the Caribbean rums used for Luxus) and the top of the range: Dos Maderas Luxus: 10 years in the Caribbean and 5 years in Bodegas Williams & Humbert, where it ages in casks that have previously contained “Don Guido”, a 20-year-old Pedro Ximénez sherry.

The Billion Baby Turtles campaign has to date saved over a million turtles in danger of extinction. Thanks to the activities set in motion by SEE Turtles, over 500 volunteers have participated in over 4,000 conservation patrols and over 10,000 students have received training in the subject. Together with the Billion Baby Turtle program, this organization has also initiated the Too Rare to Wear campaign to make tourists aware of the situation and put an end to the trade of objects made from tortoiseshell extracted illegally from the shells of hawksbill turtles.


To help achieve this figure of a billion turtles all you need to do is make a donation on the web site, where for just one dollar you can help to save these turtles.

Paola Medina, one of the 10 most outstanding winemaker in the Spanish wine scene according to Decanter Magazine.

  • According to this prestigious magazine Paola Medina, who appears as the only representative of the Jerez region, symbolises the “Sherry revolution, pooling energetic youthfulness, deep respect for sherry heritage and amazing know-how and creativity”
  • Of the 10 wines selected by the publication to represent each oenologist, Fino Tiento Añada 2007 achieved the highest score

Ten next-generation Spanish winemakers to know. With this title the prestigious magazine Decanter highlights 10 trail-blazing winemakers who are changing the face of Spanish wine

Of the ten featured oenologists, Paola Medina of Williams & Humbert appears as the only representative of the Jerez region and “symbolises the so-called Sherry Revolution” and they recommend to “follow Medina closely to enjoy sherry as you have never imagined”

This is how Decanter describes the ground-breaking and innovative work carried out by the Williams & Humbert oenologist:

“She is aware of the needs for the region…and is well positioned to see the way ahead”. …Medina believes those objectives can be achieved only with the finest, and newest, Sherries, and she has explored many avenues to create these wines of the future. For instance, non-fortified sherry, made with overripe or sun-died grapes from carefully cultivated vineyards. Or Oloroso made from the finest must. Or the recovery of Pedro Ximénez and other native varieties. But Medina´s most amazing innovation so far is the idea of vintage Fino Sherry: to replace the traditional solera system (in which newer vintages are blended into mature wines to keep a consistent expression over time) with a single vintage system. The wines are bottled when the flor (a layer of yeast floating over the wine that protects it against oxidation and changes the character of the wine) is close to exhaustion. The flor is as much a terroir as the vineyard, being an eco-system in itself that sometimes results in excellence”

Of the ten wines selected by Decanter to represent the work of each of these ten oenologists Fino “Tiento” vintage 2007 is the one which achieved the highest score: 98 points.

“A wine full of glorious aromas, with one of the most impressive and complex expressions of the Sherry Flor. Creamy, suave, deep, charming and eternal. An unforgettable experience”. Decanter